Sarah Gaziano, CPDT-KA

Sarah Gaziano’s house has always been filled with large breed dogs. Growing up in that environment sparked her love of all large animals, and as a teenager, Sarah continued to work with animals by getting certified as a therapy dog team with her family’s dogs. In 2005, Sarah went off to Milwaukee to study Public Relations and Business at Marquette University. After graduating, she moved back home to start pursuing an MBA (she graduated in 2011). About a year into the graduate program, her passion for dogs led her to seek further dog training education through CanineLink (now FetchFind Academy). She graduated from Academy in November 2010, and continues to do animal-assisted therapy work with her parent’s very large dogs, Sitka and Sophie. She is also a Senior Trainer at AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior.


Sarah is the Operations Director for FetchFind and FetchFind Academy.

Lynda Lobo

Lynda Lobo has been working with animals for over ten years.  A Chicago native, Lynda graduated from Evergreen State College in 2008. After working in environmental education, she began dedicating her time to dogs,  and complete a volunteer internship at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Through her work with her own Best Friends dogs, Surf and Ryan, Lynda has learned firsthand the challenges and rewards of loving dogs that aren’t “perfect,” and brings that compassion to her training and education career. Her approach is based on sound science, positive reinforcement, humane methods, and strengthening relationships. Lynda has experience in animal rescue, shelter work, grooming, daycare, walking, and retail management. She graduated from FetchFind Academy in 2013, and is a Senior Trainer at AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior.


Lynda is the Director of Education & Student Advisor for FetchFind Academy.

Beck Rothke

Beck has an advanced degree in writing and over 15 years of student affairs and teaching experience in higher education.  He became interested in dog training in grad school, while volunteering at a high-volume shelter in Pittsburgh. Beck got his start as a professional dog trainer after interning at AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior under the mentorship of Jamie Migdal in 1999.  In both pet and service dog environments, Beck has always trained using positive reinforcement and teaches owners how to achieve their training goals without force, fear or pain. He stays up to date on canine training and learning theory through reading research studies and attending conferences and events on dog training. He is the 2013 recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year award for the College of the Applied Health Sciences at University of Illinois-Chicago, which he received for his work as a service dog trainer helping people with disabilities in the Chicagoland area.


Beck teaches in the Behavior Fundamentals, Advanced Training Skills, and dog*tec Dog Walking Academy programs.

Terri Klimek, CPDT-KA

Terri Klimek is the owner of Training Tails with Terri. Since 2003, Terri has been using positive reinforcement/reward-based training for all areas of a dog’s life, and coaching owners to use it for puppy training, basic manners, and addressing nuisance behaviors. Terri was certified in 2004 by Purdue University’s “DOGS” program for Principles and Techniques of Behavior Modification. She is a member of APDT and the Pet Professional Guild of Force Free Pet Professionals, and is an Evaluator for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy programs. Terri has previously served as the Education Coordinator and past member of the Board of Directors of As Good As Gold - Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois.  Terri is also involved in A Sound Beginning Program, which aims to increase the adoptability and successful rehoming of rescue dogs.


Terri teaches in the Essential and Advanced Training Skills programs.

Betsy Lane, CPDT-KA

Betsy Lane is Chicagoland’s only Certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner for Companion Animals. In group workshops and individualized in-home sessions through her company PetKiDo, Betsy uses novel, positive training experiences to address underlying issues and root causes affecting dogs’ behavior and performance. These issues range from being generally fearful to becoming overly excited by stimuli to having age-related concerns of any kind. As a no-force/no-fear training method, TTouch is especially effective at helping shy, cautious, or fearful dogs gain confidence, resilience, and trust in their environments, but the TTouch approach brings out the best in all dogs, making them safer, happier, easier to train, and more pleasant to live with. Betsy is a member of APDT, and three of her articles have been published in The APDT Chronicle of the Dog. She is an avid lifelong reader of nonfiction about animal behavior and training. In her free time, Betsy enjoys snowshoeing, tracking, or simply hanging out in the yard with her German Shepherd, Miss Biscuit. . .


Betsy teaches in the Behavior Fundamentals and Essential Training Skills programs.

Lynn Brezina, CPDT-KA

For over 40 years, Lynn has had man’s best friend at her side, first in the show arena and now as a trainer and educator. Although Lynn began her college career as a psychology student, she ended up earning a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from DePaul University. She also attended Northeastern Illinois University for an Early Child Education teaching certificate.   Even though Lynn completed the necessary work for certification, when she got an offer to train dogs she took it. It was then that Lynn discovered she loved working with people and their dogs much better than she liked competing with her own dogs. In 2003, Lynn created her private practice CompanionAbility, LLC. Lynn is a member of APDT and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluator. She is also a behavior consultant for AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior.


Lynn teaches in the Advanced Training Skills program.

Paulette Solinksi, CPDT-KA

Paulette Solinski is legal counsel for FetchFind, FetchFind Academy, and Teacher’s Pet; she has been a practicing attorney for over twenty-five years. Paulette spent twenty years working for a Fortune 200 Company, most recently as head of their U.S. Regulatory Law and Licensing Department.  She has a J.D. from DePaul University College of Law and a B.A. in History from University of St. FrancisPaulette is also a Senior Trainer with AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior, a licensed Team Evaluator for Pet Partners, and a certified instructor for Dogsafe Canine First Aid. Her two giant therapy dogs, Sitka and Sophie, are familiar faces around the FetchFind offices.


Paulette teaches in the Advanced Training Skills program.

Alison Spanner, CPDT-KA

In addition to being a practicing lawyer with degrees from Chicago-Kent College of Law and Miami University, Alison is a dog trainer and graduate of FetchFind Academy. She came to the world of canine training and behavior after adopting her first dog, Huck. Subjected to abuse in his previous life, Huck required intensive training and conditioning. Through this process, Alison realized her true passion—learning to speak “dog”. Once Huck became a (usually) well-balanced and relaxed pup, Alison needed a new challenge and adopted a deaf dog named Sonar. Working with Sonar solidified her desire to train dogs of all kinds, as well as their human counterparts. She has volunteered with Safe Humane Court Case Dogs, the Animal Welfare League, and Be Fido’s Friend.  Alison’s hobbies include walking around the city with Huck and Sonar, drinking coffee and craft beers, writing book reviews for, developing training protocols for deaf dogs, and stuffing a mean Kong.


Alison teaches in the Advanced Training Skills and dog*tec Dog Walking Academy programs.

Nicole Stewart, CPDT-KA

Nicole’s life experiences have led her to believe that your choices put things in motion, but often they lead you to somewhere unexpected. Nicole’s first choices, from age 10, led her to pursue acting. While living in Los Angeles, her passion for dogs bubbled to the surface. Though loving dogs for a lifetime, Nicole never thought of a career in training until a dog named Jake came into her life.  After much searching, she found herself in a meeting with Paul Owens, co-author of “The ‘Original’ Dog Whisperer”. She studied with and taught for Paul for several years, while attending various conferences to further her education. Finally, her love of family and the Midwest lured her home. In 2003, Nicole started a business of her own on the North Shore of Chicago focusing on helping families and their furry members. She now puts all her expertise to work as the Director of Training for AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior.


Nicole teaches in the Advanced Training Skills program.